Average Investor’s

25 Year Annualized Return*

Picking His / Her Own Stocks



*Between 1992 and 2017, the average investor picking his/her own stocks made an annualized return of just 2.1%, while the S&P 500 posted a 7.8% return in comparison.

Do You Really Want to Be Investing for a Paltry 2.1% Return!

If you are investing in stocks or investments that you pick on your own, it obviously means that you want to beat the market and beat it big.

But, what good is that ambition and drive when your return is not even beating the market averages but falling woefully short of even just matching the average market return?


Without Intelligent Investment Ideas, There’s a Chance You Are Going to Be Making Just That 2.1% Return, Or Worse, Even Losing Money!


Actionable Intelligence Alert

Stock Picks that Have Produced an Astounding 100% plus Return, Over Just the Past 12 Months


What is the Actionable Intelligence Alert?

The Actionable Intelligence Alert is a paid access stock/investment picks/ideas newsletter, a newsletter that has allowed its readers an opportunity to follow stock picks that would have helped post a brilliant 100% plus return, over the last 12 months.

The Actionable Intelligence Alert exists for one single purpose, to help investors like you pick stocks/investments that brilliantly beat market returns.

How is the Actionable Intelligence Alert so Successful with Its Monthly Investment Tips?

The Actionable Intelligence Alert provides stock and investment tips based on contrarian investing principles. While everyone else looks to invest in stocks going from ‘good’ to ‘great’, Actionable Intelligence issues tips about stocks going from ‘very bad’ to ‘less bad’ with a catalyst. This contrarian approach has provided spectacular results for subscribers of Actionable Intelligence Alert.

The result is numbers that speak for themselves. 100% plus returns over the last 18 months, numbers previously just unheard of for the average investor.

All of the tips provided in Actionable Intelligence Alert have sound verifiable research, technical analysis and a high magnitude catalyst in the making, waiting to send the stock price hurtling UP the charts.

Yearly Newsletter. 12 Issues. 12 Incredible Stock Picks

Actionable Intelligence Alert

Stocks Tips That Have Helped Investors Post Incredible 100% plus Returns over the last 18 Months

It’s Your Turn to FINALLY and BRILLIANTLY Beat the Market

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