Uranium: The News Just Keeps Getting Better

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I made a video last week that updates my investment thesis on uranium. To review, the price of uranium is basically trading well below its actual production cost. As long term contracts have come off producers of uranium are unable to cover their mining costs and are cutting back on production.

On the demand from the world, in particular, continue to build out their nuclear power plant fleets. Demand for uranium continues to grow while supply is shrinking. This will resolve itself with higher prices.

The uranium mining industry is basically in liquidation as the price is too low to justify any new mine development. To incentivize new capital to come into the industry the price of uranium will have to move up to an estimated $70-80/lb. That is three to four times its current price.

Uranium is my highest conviction speculation at this point in time. I sincerely believe that a uranium bull market, if played correctly can add at least one and possibly two or three zeros to your net worth.

Here is my original article on uranium that I published late last year.

Uranium Update article published 2/15/18 link here

My recent uranium investing videos:

The last uranium bull market and how I played:



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