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Uranium Market Update 2/15/18

In this article I intend on reviewing the recent Cameco Q4 2017 earnings conference call. Because Cameco is the second largest producer of uranium in the world what they have to say concerning [...]


AIA Weekly Video 2/11/18

In today’s video I talk about the recent stock market correction. I think this is just a correction and that the market will go on to make newer highs as we enter the mania stage of this stock [...]


CAPE Ratio Update 1st Q 2018

As I have stated in the past I use the Cyclically Adjusted Price to Earnings (CAPE) ratio as a tool to determine undervaluation and overvaluation of various stock markets around the world. The [...]


AIA Video Update 2/4/2018

  This week I discuss the similarities between the current bitcoin bust and the tech wreck back in 1999. A lot of bitcoin bulls are not going to like what I have to say about these crypto [...]


Of Bitcoins and Brazil: A Case Study On Making Money

“History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes,” – Mark Twain “There is nothing new on Wall Street or in stock speculation. What has happened in the past will happen again, and again, [...]


How To Get Rich Part 3 Don’t Lose Money

 I have written quite a bit about becoming wealthy via investing and speculating in the capital markets. Doing research and picking the right security is definitely a big part of the equation. [...]


AIA Video Update 1/28/18

This week I discuss the recent Goehring & Rozencwajg fourth quarter 2017 Natural Resources Report. In the report G&R make the case for $100 oil sometime in 2018. There has been massive [...]


AIA Video Update 1/20/18

  In this week’s video I discuss the stirring commodity and resource stock bull market that I think we are entering. I also talk about which indicater I use to gauge the health of the [...]


Gold Is In A Bull Market And No One Cares

As part of my overall thesis that 2018 would be an up year for commodities and resource markets I have begun looking at gold mining companies as a way to take advantage of what I expect to be an [...]


What Is The CAPE Ratio? How I Use It For Market Beating Returns

How can an investor effectively use the CAPE ratio? One of the secrets to stock market success is the price paid for a stock. Buying at the top of a market when valuations are stretched will [...]


AIA Video Update 1/14/18

In my first weekly update I discuss the oil price and why I think it is going higher in 2018. I also update some of the picks from my Top Picks for 2018 article on oil.  


Equity Crowdfunding For Fun And Profit

Equity crowdfunding is a relatively new and unique trend in the funding of new businesses. It combines the reach of the internet, along with the power of the crowd to allow entrepreneurs to come [...]


Investing Basics: What Are Common Stocks?

I have talked about how to get rich in other posts. One of the ways to get rich is to start a business and sell a good or service that people are willing to pay for. However, many people think [...]


Social Security Will Destroy The United States

40,000 men and women everyday, Like Romeo and Juliet 40,000 men and women everyday, Redefine happiness Another 40,000 coming everyday, We can be like they are Come on baby, don’t fear the [...]


2018 Predictions and Investment Forecast

Why Make Predictions? Making predictions is usually a mugs game in that the world is so complicated that it is very difficult to anticipate every event that could have an effect on our [...]


New Buy: Trican Energy Services (TCW.T)

Buy Trican Well Services (TCW.T) One of my top three investment stories for 2018 is the continued recovery I see in oil prices. Just to quickly review my thesis a combination of OPEC cutbacks, [...]


How To Get Rich Lesson 2 Compounding

The concept of compounding and how to make it work for you Would you rather have a $1 million dollars right now or start with $.01 cent but have it double everyday for thirty days? Your answer [...]


How to Get Rich Lesson #1

My first article on How to get Rich was an overview of the theory and philosophy of how one accumulates wealth. Building a business, real estate investments, investment in stocks, etc.. are all [...]


Altius Minerals (ALS.T) Reaping Benefits Of Recovering Commodity Markets

Altius Minerals (ALS.T) just came out with its most recent earnings report yesterday and from what I can see the management’s focus on buying assets during downturns and then making hay during [...]


How To Get Free Airline Tickets

How to Get Free Airline Tickets Including First Class The other day I was doing some research on some articles for my best stock ideas of 2018 and I was getting a bit of writers block. I got some [...]


Why You Can’t Beat The Market

So you think you can beat the market? The chart below is a bit old but it makes the point I want to convey. Look at the average annualized return of the average investor on the far right. The [...]


Top stock ideas for 2018 Part 3 Oil

Top Stock Ideas For 2018 Part 3   Oil is a Great Contrarian Play I want to start Part 3 of my top stock ideas for 2018 by taking a look at a chart of West Texas Intermediate Crude. This is [...]


How To Get Rich Without A Wicked Jump Shot

How To Get Rich “Without Slinging Crack Rock Or Having A Wicked Jump Shot” This video’s title quote comes from the movie Boiler Room and a Notorious B.I.G. rap. I like this clip [...]


Top Three Stock Ideas For 2018 Part 2 Cobalt

The Electric Car Revolution I am sure by now most people have become aware of the media reports about the impending transition to an all-electric economy. Will a supply shortage of [...]


Top Stock Ideas For 2018 Part 1 Uranium

Part 1 Uranium My number one idea for 2018 is uranium. I will admit that I have been early in recommending uranium as a speculative idea. However, with recent industry news I now believe [...]


How To Get Out Of Debt Now

Being in debt sucks. Being in deep debt really sucks and can affect you in a number of negative ways. You worry about how you will pay off your debt so your health is affected by the anxiety. Do [...]


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